Gorgeous Stick-and-Poke Tattoos That Are So Worth Getting Hep C

photo by Lena Palladina

The simple stick-and-poke has completely usurped traditional tattoo’s popularity in recent years. While these simple, at-home tattoos have reshaped the artform, they’ve also totally increased your risk of contracting hepatitis C. But it’s so worth it!! Here are some stunning pieces that will take your breath away and possibly turn your skin banana-yellow:



An elephant is a timeless majestic beauty and always a great choice for a lovely stick-and-poke. Unlike traditional tattoos, stick-and-pokes create delicate lines that will leave your jaw hanging open due to joint pain, which is a symptom of hepatitis C.



Tiny stick-and-pokes on wrists and fingers are extremely popular, especially punctuation marks! Have your riot grrrl librarian friend swab the tattoo area with alcohol—preferably rubbing alcohol, but if you wanna use homemade gin, we won’t judge! It’s your tattoo, girl! Be sure to monitor your hands for any redness or swelling, as this typically occurs once the tattoo is finished, or if you’ve just contracted hep C from a dirty, old needle. Who knows?



Because of their size, these beautiful gems are adorable anywhere on the body, and with a stick-and-poke there is an added, lingering possibility that you may have contracted hep C while doing it! It’s a disease that will stay with you for the rest of your life, but at least you’ll have an adorable diamond on your shoulder blade to show for it!!



What better way to express your love for the stars than having a sewing needle stabbed into your skin over and over for what feels like years? A love for constellations runs deep, specifically into your bloodstream where hep C is contracted and eventually ruins your liver. This may be in the stars for you!



Pizza Slice

Pizza is universally beloved, making it a safe choice for an illegal tattoo done by your friend’s roommate who is not a licensed professional. Enjoy your pizza slice tattoo with a slice of pizza and play a guessing game! Is your stomach full because you just had pizza or is your abdomen swelling because you probably have so much hep C already? Time will tell!!


While traditional tattoos are becoming less popular, stick-and-pokes have been around for thousands of years. It’s no wonder they’re back and here to stay—much like hep C! Ugh, fingers crossed though. Good luck!