Goals! This Landlord Won’t Turn the Heat On No Matter What the Haters Say

In this image-obsessed world, everyone struggles with self-esteem at some point. But in Brooklyn, NY, your local landlord, Frank Langone, has proven his abilities to channel a high self-regard. He won’t turn on the heat no matter what the haters say.


And by haters, we’re referring to you going to sleep wearing a hat and socks.


According to sources, this 52-year-old, Williamsburg-born-and-raised legend refuses to supply your apartment with heat, even in sub-zero weather. Why? Because he knows who he is and cuts the toxicity from his life, even if that toxicity is you sending a midnight text that you may have frostbite.


When pressed for comments about the heat, this absolute badass said, “I’ll look into it.”


And guess what? He never did. That’s powerful.


Like many heroes, Frank faces so much adversity, yet bravely, he pushes through it. So what if residents of his building send him eight consecutive emails with the subject “URGENT”? So what if each email contains various iterations of “Frank, this is unethical and wrong.” And so what if Frank’s lack of response spurred you to buy a space heater that caught on fire and led to a “thing” with your roommates?


Frank leaves the drama on read.


And not only is Frank badass in the winter, he’s badass all year round. He’s so confident in who he is, he refuses to respond to broken toilets, power outages, and a front door that’s not locking properly.


Think about it. Would you rather have a #confident landlord who refuses to pay ConEdison an extra $15 a month, or an insecure landlord who makes your apartment more habitable? A recent survey found that most tenants would much rather have a landlord who loves himself, even if that means a Google history filled with “how do I break my lease?”



So when you’re feeling small, or weak, or inadequate, think about Frank. Think about this man who is so self-esteem goals he destroys the haters, first by refusing to address his building’s rampant mice problem, and then by upping the rent by $250. Is he a good landlord? One hundred percent no. But does he have the poise and power of Beyonce? One-hundred percent yes! And at the end of the day, isn’t that really the only thing that matters?