Friends Still Referring to Boyfriend of Nine Months as ‘Tinder Guy’

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Back in June, Julie Bowen was describing her most recent date to her friends, when pal Samantha Everett interrupted. “Wait is this chef guy, long socks guy, bolo tie tattoo guy, or Tinder guy?” she asked.


“‘Tinder guy,’” explained Bowen, who had met him on the popular dating app. “We went to a trivia night together and it was actually pretty fun.”


Soon “Tinder guy” turned into “the only guy I’m seeing,” and then “my boyfriend I guess,” but Bowen’s friends never dropped the moniker of “Tinder guy.”


In December, Bowen was baffled when friend Priya Redkar said, “Sure, I guess you could bring Tinder guy along,” to a holiday party she was organizing. And at a wine bar in February when a table full of friends simultaneously asked, “You’re thinking of moving in with ‘Tinder guy?’” Bowen was legitimately upset.


“His name’s Matt and we’ve been dating for almost a year. You’ve met him over a dozen times. We spend all our free time together and just really get along well. I don’t want to jinx it but I think he could be the one.”



When asked to comment, roommate Danielle Markowitz said, “Who? Tinder guy? I didn’t know they were like an official thing or anything. Actually I was thinking about trying to set her up with the bartender at Malcolm’s.”


“Are we talking about ‘graphic designer Tinder guy’ or ‘lives-with-his brother Tinder guy?’” asked Everett, who was in the room.


Matt Halpern, the man in question, is neither of the two. “I love Julie’s friends,” he explains when asked about his relationship with them. “They have this joke where they pretend not to remember me every time I run into them.”