Friend Reignites Group Chat Just to Like All The Comments

In a questionable decision that awoke at least one person to several iPhone alerts, Jenna Dothan started liking all the comments on the group text last night, hours after the conversation had naturally concluded.


“I guess Jenna wasn’t by her phone while we were discussing Love Island,” says Maddy Ferguson, who is on the group text. “I’m glad she caught up later but we probably didn’t need her to cosign every text at that point.”


The group agreed that the comments likes were well intended, but ultimately unnecessary and kind of pointless.


“I already saw everyone else’s ‘haha’ reactions to my joke about Jessica,” says Angel Cross. “I didn’t really need the validation four hours later.”



Jenna, whose phone-free hands were trapped under a cape at the hairdresser, doesn’t see the harm in her late likes, but does regret not catching the convo earlier.


“Maybe I would’ve had a zinger to throw in. I guess we’ll never know,” she says, still musing on what she could’ve added to the conversation.


Jenna responded: “I just really liked what everyone else was saying.”