Emojis to Use When You’re Done Pretending Everything’s ‘100’

Social media is the place we go to prove that our life is good and stable, but sometimes you just have to throw in the towel and admit there are some cracks in the foundation. Whether it’s an underperforming Instagram, an unfaved tweet, or an actual real-life tragedy, these emojis are here to remind folks that you can’t #filter every part of life.


Cloud with Lightning






It’s summer wedding season, and you’re overbooked. You’ve worn the same floral maxi dress to four weddings in the past four weeks, and somewhere between the open wine bar, the passed crab cake puffs, and the rustic signage, you realized love isn’t real and those wedding trolleys are an incredibly inefficient way to travel. But you’ve still got a cute photo with your summer wedding date, so use the Cloud with Lightning emoji to keep it real and show that the forecast for your life is not looking sunny.


Oncoming Police Car






Woop, woop! That’s the sound of the fun police barreling into your group text. It’s Thursday night and they want to hang, but you just don’t have the emotional energy to deal with their drama. If you’ve used all your good excuses at the beginning of the week so try out a Unicode solution, reply all with the Oncoming Police Car emoji then DND that text thread to let the ladies know that no, not everything is  Emojione_1F4AF.svg.


Do Not Litter






You texted your boyfriend, “I love you” to an immediate read receipt and then digital silence. All relationships have peaks and valleys, but it feels like you’ve been hiking the Grand Canyon of “it’s complicated” for months. Let him know you’re done with his shit with a quick Do Not Litter emoji. He’ll know what it means!


Rolled Up Newspaper






Your boss replied-all on a companywide email about summer hours which started a cascade of responses that’s kept your phone vibrating for 15 minutes. The solution? The Rolled Up Newspaper emoji. Perfect for squashing rogue bugs, punishing naughty puppies, and reminding your coworkers that there are literally 245 people on this email and you’ve had enough of this shit, this emoji will definitely get the message across.








Another day, another opportunity for Aunt Josie to hijack the comments section of a Facebook picture of you to ask, “Whatever happened to Greg?” When she follows up with an all-caps text message, give her the Toilet emoji to let her know how you really feel. You’ve had it up to here and things are NOT Emojione_1F4AF.svg!



Rough day at work? Crappy outfit choice for 95% humidity? Gross cobb salad? There’s only one way to tell everyone you’ve had enough, and it’s through a deliberate and curated use of emojis. Time to keep it real!