Easy Fall Crafts That Will Make You Forget You Committed Murder

Fall is a season of thankfulness and change. Fall is also a time of renewal, which means it’s time to forgive yourself for any mistakes you may have made this summer, even if those “mistakes” were premeditated and indisputably ended a life. With Thanksgiving just around the corner, it’s time to take your mind off that crushing guilt with these festive and colorful crafts!


Cover it up with a fall blanket

Hiding the evidence can be time-consuming! A craft with repetitive motions can help you to unwind after a long day of burying incriminating evidence. If the crocheting isn’t enough to get the murder off your mind, you can always send good karma into the world by donating a beautiful rug to charity.


Weave a basket (of lies)!

The alibi you gave to the police is holding up, but people keep asking you where you were on the day of the incident. A larger-scale craft with heavy handwork can help you keep your hands steady under pressure. So when your sister asks for the umpteenth time if you were really at spinning class when it happened, you can look immersed in your weaving as you offhandedly say “of course!”



Carve a pumpkin with the weapon

Successful killers would tell you to get rid of the murder weapon, but what if it was a limited edition Martha Stewart pumpkin carving knife and you can’t part with it? These Jack O’ lanterns are perfect justification to a potential jury as to why you have such a large selection of knives. Is it your fault that you happen to own a knife that fits the description of the murder weapon? You bought that set for your entire family four years ago! Plus, those friendly pumpkin faces can act as an outlet to talk to about why this all wasn’t really your fault.


Confuse the scent with potpourri

The murder is all but washed from your hands, but the smell of death still lingers in your apartment. Potpourri is a classic fall staple that will cover the scents of decay with those of nutmeg, cinnamon and allspice. Spend your time lying low and drying spices until the evidence dries up.


Keeping yourself busy will keep your mind off the hard facts, and looking crafty will keep suspicions at bay. So put down that lethal implement and pick up your best pair of crafting scissors!