Dove Expresses Concern for Customers Through Chocolate Wrappers

Dove Promises

Dove Chocolates has overhauled their DOVE® PROMISES® line to now include a dose of intervention along with their trademark inspiration.
“Life is Good,” said a wrapper from the old DOVE® PROMISES® line. Now, two of the new much more honest and helpful quotes are, “Please stop crying,” and “12 chocolates IS kind of a lot…”
Notably, many of the quotes offer suggestions to women looking for one-stop-shop emotional-health directives from their chocolate with suggestions such as, “You’re radiant & strong: Call your sponsor,” “If you need guidance, talk to a person,” “How about trying to go outside today?” and “Here’s Joyce’s number, she’s worked with hoarders before: 917-555-3300.”
The re-launched effort seems to be working. Said long-time customer Marissa Wilbur of Minneapolis, “I used to just eat piece after piece, trying to fill the deep void within me. But then, I got one of the new ones and it said, “How about you take a nap? Maybe you’re just tired.” So I did. And it was right!”
Other quotes you can now expect to see in the DOVE® PROMISES® line? “You’ve done this before, you can do it again;” “Your kids will move out soon;” “Maybe it’s time to try almonds?” and, “It is what it is.”
However, not all the chocolates are made equal: the most highly produced quote in the new line of chocolates is, “I don’t know what else to tell you.”