Cute Throw Pillows To Keep Moving Whenever You Sit Down

Nothing says, “I am a woman with disposable income” quite like an apartment full of adorable, purposeless throw pillows. You work hard for that money, and you’ll be damned if you have to come home to a bare sofa! Here are the cutest throw pillows that you will be constantly moving out of the way to find room to sit down.



Flamingo Square Throw Pillow ($19.99, Target)

You’re a gal with a laid-back, beachy attitude, so you know you’re gonna spring for these affordable throw pillows with flamingos on them! These charming pillows are the perfect buy to add a quirky pop of FUN to your boring old apartment. Since you only can only fit a loveseat in your studio, the pillows will actually overwhelm the seating area, so get used to these happy little flamingos spending time face down on the coffee table.



Luminous Dots Pillow ($58, Anthropologie)

If you’re a gal who loves a good theme, you’ll adore these gold dot throw pillows that are so on trend! Get ready to pull this lumpy gold dot throw pillow from under your butt, and toss it on your gold dot area rug when you’re finally ready to ruin this meticulously crafted space with your dumb body! Now that’s comfort!



Round Pintuck Pillow ($39, Urban Outfitters)

This pillow is a classy and versatile addition to any apartment. It can sit idly on your sofa while you’re at work and you can also get a quick arm workout in by Frisbee flinging it across the room before sitting down. Bet you’re glad you bought four of these instead of a Nespresso!



Flower Buds Pillow Cover-Black/Silver ($34, West Elm)

This cool geometric pattern is an excellent complement to your otherwise minimalist surroundings. These throw pillows will really shine when they’re balanced uneasily on your potential hook-up’s lap while you share a bottle of wine and try to make out during an episode of Call the Midwife.



Ultra Faux Fur Pillow Cover-Graphite ($49, Restoration Hardware)

Everything feels a little more luxurious with this pillow! Whether you use it to reenact The Revenant or simply toss it on the floor and pretend like you have a dog, you certainly won’t be keeping it on the couch because it was not designed for functional use! You’ll love its easy glamour and sophistication and hate its utter lack of purpose on your couch.


These throw pillows are the ultimate addition to any apartment. Get ready to like how your couch looks for one second, then fling these off the sofa with the same vigor you use to fling your bra off at the end of a long day.