Cultural Renegade? This Woman Has Not Made Bread

Jasmine Herrera is making waves in this cultural moment: She is one of the very few who has made not a single loaf of bread during her entire Coronavirus quarantine – not a sourdough starter, not even a plain loaf using active yeast.


Whoa! Cultural renegade alert! We do not understand why she is not making bread.


“Yeah I guess you could compare me to the likes of Basquiat, or Patti Smith,” says Herrera. “I buy store-bought bread and I put it in the freezer for later.”


“When everyone else was tending to their bread, talking about their bread, I just thought… what if I don’t?”


Herrera’s ways are engendering confusion within her community.

“I sent her that Mark Bittman No-Knead recipe two weeks ago,” says a friend, Jamie Hart. “But she never even tried to buy the ingredients. I don’t understand why she doesn’t want to be a part of this.”


But for now, Herrera is doing her own thing.



“I bought Wonder bread the other day,” she says. “Can you imagine? Like, real deal Wonder bread. I bet that’ll raise some eyebrows.”


Lookout bread makers! This girl’s cookin’ up her own bowl of nothin’!