Contributions to Conversations That Aren’t Just ‘I Love That!’ 

Carrying on a conversation comes naturally for some – especially when it’s with a friend who loves and supports you. But what if your anxious brain convinces you that you’re the most boring, unfunny person in the world and you realize that you’ve responded to the last three things your friend has said with the phrase “I love that”? What else is there to say? Have no fear – we’ve got alternatives. But please don’t overuse them because this is all we’ve got.


That’s wild!

This is a solid response option that makes you seem like a fun 1970s talk show host. Also, we love how “wild” can really mean “bad” or “amazing” depending on the context, so you don’t have to think too hard and risk seeming like the socially-anxious dunderhead you are.



Try this response out when you know you should really say a bit more than you’re prepared to formulate in your head. The pause hints at a much richer inner world than you have, while ultimately all you’re doing is agreeing with whatever the person just said. This will surely prove that you are worthy of being talked to!



When in doubt, this reply gives the illusion that you’re a fun-loving pal who lives a carefree life of belly laughs instead of the deeply deeply insecure bitch who can’t think of a dang thing to say even though you should be relaxed! Hanging out with a friend is supposed to be fun! God! Anyway, try it out–and please report back if you pulled it off.


One hundo p.

A fan favorite, this is essentially the same as telling a full-fledged joke. Kind of? With the right delivery? Whip out this casual yet cute response pretty much any time you’re feeling especially nervous (which is all of the time, so, careful).




Ok, we’re gonna be honest, we basically can’t think of anything else to say. This one is better than just “Mhmm,” though, right? Crap. Why are we like this?!?!


And…that’s a wrap. If you end up figuring out a way to just relax and be your authentic self, well…we love that!!