Christmas Hams Henry Cavill Might Like

We all know Henry Cavill is a mega-attractive British actor, but did you know that he also might like Christmas hams? Well, he might! If you’re not sure which ham to whip out this year at your yuletide gathering, look no further. The following are some Christmas hams that blockbuster hottie Henry Cavill might possibly enjoy on the basis that he is a human and humans sometimes eat pork.


Mildred New England Boneless Ham (The Vermont Country Store, $39.95)
Word on the street is that Cavill likes to eat his meat without any bones, so as not to mess with his perfect teeth. (Thanks to our message board friends for this tip.) And we’re pretty sure he also doesn’t want to bite down on anything that could possibly ruin his masculine jawline. This boneless ham is perfect for anyone with a perfect face like Henry Cavill. Yep, it’s safe to say that he might love this ham!





Spiral Ham with Glaze (William Sonoma, $180)
Henry probably says something silly in his sexy British accent before eating this like, “Let’s get glazey, baby!” Haha, OMG Henry! So adorable! He might even eat this on the set of Superman, which is a movie! We’re actually not sure what he eats when he’s acting, but wouldn’t it be so hot if he were all covered in ham glaze? For $180 dollars, this ham is guaranteed to be a new holiday tradition for you and your family.


Spiral Sliced Ham (Harry and David, $79.99)

Now this is a beautiful ham! Just like Harry carves out his chiseled abs and brings joy to millions of movie-goers, carving this ham on Christmas day is sure to bring joy to those around you. Oh, and let’s not forget Henry’s chiseled cheek bones either, girlfriend! MMM-HMMMM! We like actor Henry Cavill and maybe he likes hams.


Boneless Smoked Ham (Omaha Steaks, $44.99)

This ham is a bit less expensive, because we all have to start somewhere. We all know Henry started somewhere- on his break through role as Charles Brandon on The Tudors! This Omaha Steaks ham is sure to delight. Henry, if you’re reading this: Hi, Henry! We love you. Do you like this ham? Please write back.





Edwards Petite Country Ham (Dean and Deluca, $65)
This diminutive ham is one that Henry might like FOR SURE. We can imagine Henry eating this one using his broad shoulders, bulging muscles, and six-foot-one frame. We know his height because we Googled it! It might be a little too petite for big Henry, but we’re sure he might like it anyway.

The Genuine Smithfield Ham (Smithfield Marketplace, $109.99)
This Southern ham is salty and delicious and another Christmas ham Henry might just LOVE eating. Just like smoking hot young buck Henry Cavill, this ham is lightly smoked before becoming an incredibly savory ham. Can’t you just imagine Henry now, running his hand through his cascading hair and effortlessly touching his widow’s peak as he eats a bit of this delicious meat? We can! We just did. We would love to feed it to him.


There you have them—Christmas hams that Superman himself, Henry Cavill might like. Buy one of these for your loved ones this holiday season and remind them that Mr. Cavill is probably chowing down on these too!