BREAKING: You Cry When You See Babies Now?

In recent news out of your actual home, you have apparently started crying when you see babies now?



It is unclear to what degree hormones, stress, or aging are to blame, but now when you see adorable chunky babies on public transit, or on television, you start to well up with an overwhelming emotion that can only be described as “babies!”


You don’t know why? Or if this is bad? Or good? What does it mean?!


In the latest incident, you were walking along minding your business when someone pushed a baby in a stroller past you who was drooling and chewing on a baby toy, and now you’re in full tears in the middle of the street wondering if you should call your mom or tell a stranger about the beautiful fragility of human life?


Don’t, because there’s no way to explain this to her, or that random guy.


The baby had huge cheeks and smiled at you and that isn’t helping anything but still does nothing to explain why you’re blowing your nose into your beanie hat right now.


The babies are really cute. That we know. Oh god, babies…


But does it mean you want one? Or don’t really want one but are mourning the loss of not having one? Or maybe because once you were a baby and now you have to do your taxes?


Why are they so precious?!


You might be ovulating?


At this time, sources can only confirm that you are now someone who cries when they see a gorgeous little baby, and maybe that is something you just have to get used to?