Brave Woman Dives into Burrito With Perfect Lipstick

It is said that heroes aren’t born, they’re made, and this proved to be true for one courageous Seattle woman: 24-year-old Leslie O’Donnell just chomped into a fat burrito, ignoring the haters and the perfectly applied lipstick she had just put on mere minutes before.


“Some said it couldn’t be done,” said Leslie, with gumption. “But I’m not one to play by the rules. And I brought the lipstick with me just in case I need to touch up after, which I probably will.”


Leslie, whose berry-colored bite stood out proudly against the anemic color of the tortilla, went on to explain her bold actions.


“Sure, I knew we were getting burritos for dinner. And yes, I chose to wear a bright matte lip anyway,” she said. “I’m a risk taker, always have been. When society says no, I say yes.”


“Might be the death of me one day,” Leslie added. “Or at least a waste of my favorite LimeCrime Velvetine. But my love of both lipstick and burritos is worth it.”


Bystanders are shocked.


“She just, like, bit right into it,” said Lana DuVall. “I tried to stop her, but it all happened so quickly. She’s a better woman than I am, I wouldn’t have even considered it.”


“Yeah I can’t believe her friends let her just dive right in like that,” said Rachel Oliver. “What if her lipstick smudged? What if it got all over the burrito? What if it got all over her face? It was amazing to watch.”


“She’s not the hero we need, but she’s the one we deserve,” they added.


But the audacious Leslie is humble in the face of this newfound glory.



“I don’t think that others should necessarily attempt this, but I do encourage women to be bold in unexpected ways,” said Leslie. “Strength comes in many forms.”


“And also that lipstick is just not that hard to reapply,” she added.