Boyfriend Trying to Rush Jenny Through Target Like There’s Somewhere Better to Be

In a developing story out of Richmond, VA, Jenny Lewis’s boyfriend appears to be rushing her out of Target as though there’s somewhere better to be than a Target.


Boyfriend Ryan Truong was heard making bizarre comments to Jenny as they perused to aisles of the one-stop-shop, such as: “Okay, what else do we need?” and “Maybe I should get us in line to check out now.”


The pair seemed to be on distinct wavelengths as Jenny wandered over to the pet section to take a look at what’s current in the world of dog toys and nutrition.



“We don’t have a dog,” said Ryan. “Why do we need to look at dog food?”


But despite Ryan’s confusion, it’s Jenny who can’t understand her partner’s narrow view of the Target experience.


“It’s so consumerist to view this in terms of what we ‘need’ to ‘buy,’” said Jenny. “You don’t go to the park to buy a tree; you go to be there.”


“Why can’t we just be in Target?” Jenny added. “Where else would we be? In our home full of stuff that I have already seen and no place to get mini square pizzas? No, thank you.”


Differing expectations may be at the root of their rift, as when Jenny said she needed to stop by Target, Ryan thought she meant to purchase specific items.


“I mean I kind of need socks,” Jenny said. “But I’m open minded as to where this journey takes me.”


“Ultimately, if you compare Target to every place that isn’t Target, then Target is definitely better than the majority,” Jenny explained. “It’s at least 75th percentile in Virginia.”


As Jenny enjoyed the bright linoleum floors, the unobtrusive Maroon 5 soundtrack, and briefly contemplated buying a bathrobe, Ryan checked his email, demonstrating a complete misunderstanding of how to be a person in Target.


“I just can’t think of any place I’d rather be,” said Jenny. “Except maybe eating my mini pizza in the parked car of the Target parking lot later. That’s almost as good.”