4 Boss Bitch Anthems to Turn Down at a Red Light

You know the feeling: It’s a sunny day and you’re cruising down the road, crushing an iced coffee, and reveling in the girl power of it all. Of course, your soundtrack is key to this experience, so here are the greatest boss bitch anthems to blast as you wind your way through town—and then to immediately turn down when you’re stopped at a red light ‘cause it would be really weird if somebody saw that. 


“Body” by Megan Thee Stallion 

With her sly hooks and winking lyrics, Hot Girl Meg’s “Body” is the perfect song for celebrating the skin you’re in. Until, that is, you’re idling next to a 2012 Kia Sorento driven by a man who looks to be in his early 40s. Then, you should cut the volume and save the self-love for another, more socially appropriate time. Nice try, though! 


“7 rings” by Ariana Grande

Ari makes us feel like absolute queens as no one else can. As she hooks up the besties with matching diamonds, she inspires us to make big moves. And when you’re momentarily paused in observance of traffic laws, this song’s “sorry not sorry” approach also invites you to sing the words much more softly, lest neighboring cars think you’re suuuuuper into yourself or something. 


“Bad Girls” by M.I.A. 

An oldie but a goodie, this banger quickly earned its place in the boss bitch canon. Between that thumping bass and the liberating political undertones, it’s hard to hear this one and NOT sing along. And yet, the Honda Odyssey behind you (which is filled with kids aged 4 – 12, all of whom are busy playing with their iPads) will likely judge you for doing so. Not now, feminism!  



“Soulmate” by Lizzo

Of course this list calls for Lizzo! With every beat of “Soulmate,” this goddess empowers you to feel whole all by yourself—and also to twist the volume knob all the way to the left when you’re sitting at a red light. Because what, do you really think these lyrics, much less the larger theme of self-acceptance, actually apply to YOU?! Cute. 


There you have it: May these boss bitch anthems serve as an awesome reminder to love yourself and live life to the fullest—as long as absolutely no one is around to witness it. Happy listening!