Boozy Popsicles That Take 8 Hours to Make and 5 Minutes to Melt Into a Regular Drink

What could be better on a sweltering summer day than an ice cold popsicle? A popsicle filled with booze, of course! These grown-up versions of nostalgic summer treats are super refreshing and sure to impress the guests at your next party. All you need to make these frozen versions of regular drinks is a popsicle mold, a freezer, and at least eight hours for them to freeze and harden. But don’t worry, because within five minutes, they’ll melt back into a regular cocktail!



Piña Colada

With its tropical combination of pineapple, coconut, and lime, a piña colada is like summer in a glass—or on a stick! These tasty, rum spiked pops require hours of advanced preparation, but will totally be worth it when you hand them out at your next soiree. All of your friends will be saying, “Cool, is there somewhere I can put this down so it can melt back into a normal drink?”



You could quickly whip up a large batch of margaritas in your blender and immediately hand them out to your thirsty friends. Or you could get the craft store involved! Simply head over to your nearest Michael’s for some molds and popsicle sticks, bring them home, wash the molds, open the popsicle sticks, take out 12, and put the rest in a drawer somewhere and never use them again. Worth it for the look on you guest’s faces as they slowly realize the sweet treat will neither get them drunk or fulfill their dessert craving. Oops!


Mint Julep

This boozy popsicle ain’t your grandma’s mint julep! All you have to do is spend hours making a mint-infused simple syrup, straining it, letting it cool, mixing it with bourbon, pouring it into molds, and freezing it. The pop will melt in the time it takes to snap the Instagram, but that’s okay! A picture’s worth a thousand words – even when the words are “My popsicle just melted all over my hand and swimsuit.”


Vodka Gummy Bear

These colorful popsicles take all the hands-off fun of soaking gummy bears in vodka for 24 hours, and adds and extra 6-8 hours of freezing multiple layers into molds. But it will all be worth it when you see your guests enjoy the novelty of biting into rock hard gummy bears as the sticky combination of vodka and sugar drips all over their hands. Sure they took you a full day to prepare, but it’ll only take 2 minutes for your friends to eat half and throw the rest away.



Strawberry, Lime, and Black Pepper

Everyone will go nuts over this unusual combination of flavors spiked with a splash of tequila, all contained in a whimsical ice pop. Keep in mind that alcohol takes longer to freeze, so you’re going to want to stick this baby in the freezer for at least 12-24 hours. When you finally serve these up, make sure you put out regular glasses as well, so your friends can rest their popsicles in them to melt into a cocktail that’s significantly easier to consume.


So this summer, if you want to beat the heat, try one of these frozen treats that are just as tedious to make as they are to consume! And don’t blame us when your 8-year-old niece accidentally eats three and ends up drunkenly slurring “Let It Go.” That’s on you.