Bombshell Announcements To Make In The Comments Of Your Sister’s Engagement Announcements 

You couldn’t be more excited for your sister who just got engaged! Becca and Travis look so happy in their engagement pictures and shared them on Facebook, but it turns out you also have big news too – so big that you don’t even have time to make a new post! Here are a few major life-altering shockers to post in the comments that will make those rose petals and champagne look like a warm-up announcement:


You have secretly already gotten married.

If you’ve been clandestinely married for six years, this is the perfect moment to your sister, family, and the entire internet know. If you think your mom is enthusiastic about one daughter getting engaged, just imagine how ecstatic she’s going to be when she finds out that you’ve already locked one down. Everyone will be so shocked and curious about your mysterious wedding that already happened, they’ll forget all about your sister’s dumb engagement!


Who shot Biggie?

You just found out, and are revealing the truth…right here in the comments of your sister’s wedding ring close-up! Becca has always been a fan of hip-hop, and it just so turns out you discovered who murdered one of her old school faves, Notorious B.I.G.! Becca and Travis are adorable, but people will be so busy demanding answers about the death of Biggie Smalls, they might even forget to ‘like’ the original engagement photo. Sorry Becca, it was time for the truth to come out!


You’re pregnant – with twins!

Now is the perfect time to take to the comment section in your sister’s triumphant engagement announcement to let everyone know how excited you are for her, to not just get married, but also for her to be an aunt to your two adorable children. Congrats sis! You’re so thrilled to host her bridal shower via satellite, because you’ll probably be on bed rest recovering from the birth of two babies. Your mom will be so happy – for you!



You’re literally bleeding out in an alley.

This is your sister’s happy day, and nothing can take that away, except if you DIED. Well-wishers will be flocking to Becca’s professionally staged wedding engagement photos, but once they see you’re in mortal danger, all eyes will be on you! Now’s your chance to shine, by announcing that you’re mortally wounded, will someone please send help. Oh, and congrats Becca and Travis!


There’s no better place to announce your major life-altering news than directly under a picture of a stable financial advisor proposing to your sister. Ultimately, the important thing is their special moment, and how to get as much attention as possible from it!