Blowout Techniques That Will Hold Up for Five Minutes

A blowout adds body, style, and wow-factor to any look for at least 30 magical seconds after you’ve finished it. Imagine if there was a way to hold the volume, curl or bounce in your hair for up to five minutes. Well, there is! Your wildest hair dreams are about to come true—at least temporarily. Here’s how to get a red carpet look for just one fleeting moment:


Use 2-3 cans of hairspray.

Hairspray is bad for the environment, but flat hair is bad for your spirit. Go ahead and empty a few cans of White Rain Maximum Hold onto your locks. If you can’t find a well-ventilated room free of people, just get spraying wherever you want—your blowout is more important than your kids’ asthma. This look is gonna be killer for as long as it takes you to walk to your car.


Get help from a friend.

For the ultimate blowout, you’ll need all the necessary equipment: one hand to lift the roots of your hair with a brush, one for a hair dryer, one for straighteners, and one to spritz the shit out of everything. As long as you have a friend on hand every morning, it’ll be worth complicating your friendship when you get that amahhhzing hair that lasts just long enough for a one good selfie!


Never go outside.

The outside world has many ways to ruin your blowout and undo all the hard work you put into your hair. Sudden gusts of wind, humidity, rain, or even a fond kiss on the head from your grandmother can all sabotage your chance to look like perfection for once in your life. The solution is simple: Say goodbye to the outside world. It’s a small price to pay for a sweet hairdo that will still only last until you stand up or open the refrigerator!



Stand in front of a giant electric fan.

Are you a low maintenance kind of girl? Standing in a breeze will give your hair constant movement and root lift without any need for products or know-how. Simply buy a giant electric fan and pay a strong man to hold it in front of you wherever you go. If you’re on a budget, just stick your head out of a moving car window like a big dumb dog. The effect will be gorge until that shit gets tangled a few minutes in.


Apply a water-based glue to your roots after washing.

If you’ve tried everything to get your hair to stay put, try this: After washing your hair, massage a little 3M Fast Tack Water Based Adhesive into your roots and blow dry your hair with your head upside down. Your roots will dry hard and upright, giving you a voluminous look with a scent no one will be able to place. Now strut like you’re on the catwalk until you enter the subway station, where the humidity will ruin it all in just a few precious moments.


Inhabit a zero-gravity environment.

Nothing encourages root lift like no gravity. For lasting body and volume, you’ll need to relocate permanently to a zero-gravity environment. Try outer space, or a NASA training plane. Too bad your hair still falls flat in 0.08 hours! Maybe next trip?


There are so many ways to make your blowout last. There’s no excuse not to be completely flawless for at least five minutes!