Sources Confirm: Benedict Cumberbatch Not Actually Hot

Benedict Cumberbatch - Reductress

It was revealed this week that Benedict Cumberbatch, the star of Sherlock and Star Trek: Into Darkness, is not actually hot, despite what you think or have been lead to believe. While the opinion of seemingly everyone nowadays is that Cumberbatch is hot, reliable sources confirm that this just isn’t the case.


“He is not hot,” says Tiffany, who is right. “Chris Pine is hot. Channing Tatum is hot. Benedict Cumberbatch is not hot.”


While Cumberbatch, who we can confirm is talented and seems nice, may be “your type,” that doesn’t mean you are correct in saying that he is hot, a statement which has been proven false.



“There are hot guys in Hollywood that are legitimately hot and Benedict Cumberbatch is not one of them. Gerard Butler: that’s a hot guy. The guy from White Collar is hot. Even Mark Wahlberg is old-hot. These are all irrefutable facts,” offers Sabrina, who is dead-on.


“Benedict Cumberbatch is very hot,” claims Theresa, who doesn’t get it. “I am so attracted to his talent.”


“Being attracted to someone’s talent is different from someone being objectively hot, like Michael Fassbender,” concludes a doctor with the right idea. “People are crazy. Benedict Cumberbatch is not hot. That’s that. I’m a doctor.”