Bedazzled Jean Jackets That’ll Make You Feel Like You’re Shoplifting at Wet Seal Again

Rhinestone-encrusted jean jackets have returned – and nothing makes us feel like we’re back in the early 2000s sporting stick-on earrings we swiped from Wet Seal 12 years ago! One glance at these gorg jackets and we are totally transported to a time of butterfly clips, Natasha Bedingfield, and the overwhelming impulse to engage in petty theft just to feel something – anything to feel a thrill as a suburban teen. Here are our favorite nostalgic denim looks of this sequin season that would only be better if topped off with a Wet Seal hat with the tag still attached!


Bebe’s Faux Pearl Boyfriend Jacket – $198.00

In a look like this, you ready to steal more than just hearts! You can cop this Bebe jacket just like you did with those fuzzy gel pens from Wet Seal before those foolish retail employees noticed a thing. It’s not about the money. You had the money. You were chasing the thrill!


Sunset & Spring Embellished Denim Jacket – $128.00

Oh, snap! The last time you rocked something like this was when you waltzed undetected through the Wet Seal scanner with a bookbag full of kitten heels. Oh, to be young again!


H&M Rhinestone Denim Jacket with Detachable Fur Collar – $79.99

Doesn’t this glittery garment make you feel like you have a pocketful of sunshine and Lipsmackers that you did not buy? What a rush! In this stylish yet affordable H&M ensemble, you’ll feel just like Winona Ryder at Saks Fifth Avenue: An adorable klepto about to get caught!



Bloomingdale’s Glamorous Embellished Denim Jacket – $129.00

What’s that twinkle in your eye? It might just be a reflection of one of the 20 twinkles on your coat…but we think it’s just the adrenaline pumping through your veins – god, no one noticed we stole four faux fur stoles? We’re invincible!


One Teaspoon Rock N Roller Jacket – $497.00

Wow! This sparkly denim jacket is almost $500! But as a cool teen, you never let the cost of something keep you from getting your hands on it. Trend Tip: Accessorize this bit of bling with a mooched mood ring on your sticky fingers just like back in 2005, you sly girl, you!


ASHLEY MASON Faux Pearl Embellished Denim Jacket – $44.97

You haven’t worn something like this since the last time you asked your gal pals to ‘meet you at the food court.’ But looks – and loot – are back on trend. Maybe it’s time to pilfer something from the office. Remember: embellishment leads to embezzlement.


We hope you find the retro bedazzled jacket of your dreams, by any means necessary! Now let’s grab a pretzel!!