Aw! This Woman Only Had A Baby So She Could Name It

There are plenty of reasons that people decide to have children – but one New Haven, CT woman has the most adorable reason of all: 29-year-old Shannon Kingsley just had a baby so that she could give it a cool name.


Awww! Now that’s a good reason to have children.


“I was always so-so on the idea of having kids,” said Shannon. “But at some point, I realized that once I popped a baby out, I’d be able to call it whatever I wanted. Something cool and original that would reflect a piece of me. So I just kind of did it.”


Shannon went on to explain just how much planning went into giving her little one the perfect name to justify her being born:


“My family and friends told me I should focus my energy on building a nursery, saving money, and making sure I was ready for the baby’s arrival,” said Shannon. “But to me, picking an amazing name was way more important than stocking up on diapers and buying a crib, so I spent most of my time deliberating between Remi and Harper.”


She added, “There’d be plenty of time for that other shit once the baby was here.”


Shannon’s loved ones are concerned that her priorities might be misplaced.


“She spent so much time worrying about a baby name that she didn’t do anything to prepare for the life she was bringing into the world,” said brother Dwayne Kingsley. “And I love my niece, but her name is pretty stupid.”


“Shannon and I were never really that enthusiastic about having kids,” said Logan Reed, Shannon’s husband. “So when she suddenly wanted a baby, I was suspicious. Like, she set up the baby’s Instagram before she even got an ultrasound.”


But Shannon is very proud of herself.



“Sure, maybe I should’ve spent more time thinking about whether a baby is right for me or formulating my birth plan,” she said. “But Remi Delilah-Bean Maverick Kingsley-Reed has the coolest name in her nursery school, and isn’t that really what matters?”


Not really Shannon, but we still think it’s adorable!