Amanda Finally Introduces Corn-Fed Fuck Machine to Parents

Amanda Aronson doesn’t let her parents meet just anyone she’s dating; this 28-year-old needs to know her romantic interest is the real deal before meeting mom and dad. But after a year of dating, Amanda took that leap after finally introducing her own corn-fed fuck machine to her parents this weekend.


Amanda and her all-star American pussy smasher spent a lovely, chilly afternoon baking and playing board games with her retired parents. In this laid-back, low-key setting, Mr. and Mrs. Aronson were able to really get to know Amanda’s strapping beau, though were completely ignorant to his penchant for tearing up that twat.


“I was so nervous the whole drive there!” says Amanda. “The usual anxious thoughts raced through my head: What if it doesn’t go well? What if they don’t think he’s right for me? What if I’ve toted this homegrown country dick all the way to the suburbs only to be disappointed?”


“But I know by now that I love him and I really, really love riding his strong body, so it was worth the risk.”


As it turns out, they loved him.


“I knew I was in the clear when he and my dad started talking about their favorite Bill Murray movies,” Amanda says. As the two men quoted their favorite Caddyshack moments through hearty chuckles, Amanda envisioned a real life with the G-spot whisperer himself.


Mr. and Mrs. Aronson were incredibly impressed by how kind and charming Amanda’s tall drink of fuck water was. “I could really seem him becoming part of the family,” Mr. Aronson said of the young man with a seemingly battery-operated tongue. “I think he fit right in—it’s clear that he shares our same values.”



Mrs. Aronson added that the dick that don’t quit was an excellent charades partner. “I couldn’t believe he could tell I was acting out Aladdin!” gushed Mrs. Aronson, visibly charmed. Clearly, Amanda made the right choice with this marathon porker.


Now, Amanda feels closer to the Michael Jordan of the female orgasm than ever. “I don’t know why I was so nervous… Of course they were going to love him! It’s just nice to have confirmation.” Amanda knows her man is as committed to her as he is to turning her out whenever she so desires.


She’s not sure he’s quite ready to meet the whole extended family, but he’ll get there. With so many cousins, the Aronson clan a lot for any guy to handle—even a ruggedly handsome fuck toy whose dick deserves the Presidential Medal of Freedom.