7 High-Impact Sports Bras That Have Trapped You And Made You Their Prisoner

When it comes to intense workouts, high-impact sports bras are the key to proper support. Unfortunately when it comes to taking them off, you’re anything but free because these bras have so much compression you’ll be under their tyrannical control for at least twenty minutes. Ah, you’re trapped, just as this evil bra planned!


Lenna High Impact Sports Bra (Fabletics, $23)

Sprint drills? Say hello to the Lenna sports bra. But while you’re at it say “Hello, Warden!” because this high-intensity sports bra not only holds your boobs in when you run, but holds you hostage if you attempt to remove it from your body.


Warp Knit High-Impact Running Sports Bra (Under Armour, $55)

From track to treadmill, this tightly-knit running bra isn’t going anywhere any time soon and no, there’s no escaping it once it is on your body. Under Armour? More Like under lock and key, sister!


Performance High Support Sports Bra (Reebok, $35)

Wear this bra during your HIIT workout and your boobs won’t make a jail break… but after the workout is over, neither will you because this sports bra has you trapped and you better just do as she says or else.


Embody Sports Bra (Brooks, $68)

This bra features blend encapsulation and compression cups that together create ultimate control. And emphasis on control because it’s so restrictive and tight that it has no plans of letting you go without a fight.


FE/NOM Flyknit Sports Bra (Nike, $59.99)

The Flyknit technology in this suffocating, compressing bra integrates areas of stretch and support where you need them most…except when it comes to taking it off and breaking free from its constraints. Not today, gurl! Go back to your cell!



High Impact Racerback Sports Bra (ENELL, $72)

Thanks to its spandex fabrication and built-in NATUREXX® treatment, you’ll feel locked and loaded to crush that high-impact activity, but you’ll also feel literally locked in because, whoops, this bra trapped you and there’s no escape. It’s basically a straight jacket for your boobs!


Underwire Sports Bra (Glamorise, $62)

This bra is great for running but terrible for running away from the strong vice grip it now has on your entire rib cage. Guess you’re literally booby trapped!


Armed with these high-intensity sports bras, you can take your workouts to the next level, knowing that your chest is supported. But sorry, your breasts are now imprisoned will be in solitary confinement for the forseeable future!