7 Bradley Cooper Quotes That Definitively Prove He’s Capable of Speech

Bradley Cooper: so handsome, so mysterious, so verbal. This hunky actor has given many interviews over the years, but exactly what truths can we journalists truly glean from his words? Here are seven Bradley Cooper quotes that do prove one thing about him: he is definitely capable of speech!


1. “Give me an authentic woman, and I’m happy.”

Does Bradley Cooper value authenticity in a woman? Maybe! Do any of us truly know the source of our own happiness, and how Cooper can distinguish the real from the perceived? Whoa, there. This is wild speculation, so let’s stick to the facts: This is a Bradley Cooper quote, so he must be therefore able to speak words.


2. “Comedy is music.”

What did Bradley Cooper mean by this poetic statement? We don’t pretend to know whether Cooper was comparing comedy to the wacky spontaneity of jazz or the polished artistry of a classical symphony. Remaining grounded purely in facts, it’s safe to say from this sentence, which contains a subject, verb, and object, that Bradley Cooper can often talk.


3. “I think I’m a decent-looking guy. Sometimes I can look great, and other times I look horrifying.”

Some publications would jump the shark and suggest this quote proves that Cooper is a humble man, but this would be a reach. For all we know, he could have meant that 99 times he looks great, and only one time he looks horrifying. One thing this quote definitively shows is that Bradley Cooper can speak English with some fluency.


4. “I’m a crazy cinephile.”

No, this quote does not prove that Bradley Cooper loves movies. Cinephile is a tough word, so Cooper could have mixed it up with many words, such as “cephalopod” or “cinema”. But something we can say about this quote is that it is made up of words that came from Bradley Cooper’s sexy, word-forming mouth.



5. “I loved the college experience of studying.”

Is Bradley Cooper a huge nerd? Possibly, but we aren’t saying that. We are saying that Bradley Cooper articulates himself using language.


6. “If you look at anybody who’s had a long career, if you look at the choices they’ve made—even if the movies haven’t worked—they’ve always worked with great filmmakers.”

This quote could be about David O. Russell, but Cooper hasn’t had as long a career as Helen Mirren, so he could be referring to Helen Mirren and Robert Altman, maybe? We can only really confirm that the Silver Linings Playbook star sometimes says things, and this is one of them.


7. “I have two beautiful dogs that I cherish.”

Without sinking too deeply into the murky waters of speculation, we can safely say that Bradley Cooper used words to make this quote. There isn’t much else we know for sure.


Bradley Cooper, we hope we haven’t made too many leaps, here. If so, please let us know. We know you are capable of talking to us!