5 Ways To Decorate Your Workspace So You Can Say ‘Workspace’ More

Contrary to popular belief, the key to impressing people isn’t buying Cheryl Strayed and Shonda Rhimes books and sleeping with them under your pillow. All you have to do is simply say “workspace” as many times as humanly possible to make you appear intimidatingly successful! Here are five ways to accessorize any workspace so you can say the word ‘workspace’ way more than you thought possible:


1. Succulents

Succulents are everywhere in a workspace, and this is key. You want your workspace to be decorated with things you come across everyday, so you can casually remind people you also have them in your workspace. Tell people you have to go back to your workspace to water your succulents. Then walk away as your peers’ jaws drop at your levels of productivity.


2. Empty Frames

Who needs pictures anymore? Not you! Empty frames are a classy go-to accessory if you’re looking to brighten up your vocabulary with ‘workspace’. This way, when you’re over a friend’s house, you can point to her gallery wall and say charmingly, “You know what else has cute frames? MY WORKSPACE.”


3. Pens, and Lots of Them

Put them in a ceramic cup on your desk; the next time you sign your receipt at the grocery store, make eye contact with the cashier, and quip, “Ah, pens. Reminds me of how I like to start my day journaling in my workspace.” Cashier, you just got workspace’d!



4. Almond Milk

Dairy is completely out of fashion, so you must purchase almond milk. Stick a slim carton right next to your laptop, so that the next time you’re having coffee with your friend, you can shake your head as if remembering a wartime lover and whisper, “Oops, I think I left my milk out at my workspace.


5. An iPhone

Sometimes it feels like we text more than we talk to humans, but that’s okay! Keeping your iPhone out on your desk shows that you are important and might be expecting calls. Next time you’re on your iPhone you can text the “laptop” emoji over and over again until your friend is forced to ask if you’re stroking out, to which you can reply, “Just thinkin’ bout my workspace.”


You now have a fully furnished workspace and have said workspace enough times to truly be revered as the most trendy and impressive of your friends. Now hurry up and get back to your workspace!