5 Sizzling Pleasure Zones on His Body That Double as Charging Mats

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High-voltage sex is a godsend for body and soul. It’s a great workout, a stress reliever, and a chance to experience profound union with your partner—but did you know it’s also a way to juice up your gadgets when they’re languishing at 14%? Don’t let all that sexual power go to waste! Here are the sensitive places on your man’s bod that are both erotic playgrounds and reliable sources of wireless alternating current:


The Nape of His Neck

Did you leave your cable in Starbucks again before heading over for a night of lovemaking with your guy? Blindfold him and say you’re introducing him to a fun new game. Then, while running a feather all over his body, gently press your phone to his neck as you “massage” him. As sexual excitement floods him and the receiver coil inside your device, he’ll be filled with lust and your battery with charge. You’ve killed two birds with one phone!



His Nipples

Itching for some sexytime, but low on bars? Tell him you want to try something new, then leave your camera resting on his nips while distracting him with a hot beej. The stimulation will make his nips pop out and release enough energy for the rest of your day!


His Tongue

With his permission, play doctor, using your ailing Bluetooth headset as a tongue depressor. Thrill him by looking directly into his eyes, running your fingernails down his back, and telling him he’s due for a thorough checkup. He’ll be salivating so hard, you and your Blue will soon be set for that work conference call you’ve scheduled after sex.


The Small of His Back

Build anticipation by teasing the area below his navel with kisses, then flip him over and trail your iPad down his spine. Distract him from the cold, rectangular object on his lumbar region by giving him a sensual backrub and occasionally tickling his balls from behind. Your tablet will soon be amped up for a Netflix-after-chill!



His Back Door

You’re here at last. The colonic opening is rich with nerve endings and electric potential. While it can be used as a conventional plug-in port, even slow, gentle insertion of part of the Android, should blow every last one of his circuits while restoring you to a high enough battery level to tell work you’re calling in sick tomorrow. You’ll achieve max tingliness if the phone call arrives while the phone is inside him! Just make sure to warm him up before he warms up your devices, or he’ll be in for a shock!


Use these tips to maximize your sexual charge with your partner while harvesting it for your own gain!