5 Scarily Accurate Fall Nail Polish Colors

As temperatures drop and the last hints of summer fade away, it’s time to swap out your pastel or neon manicure for one in a deeper, warmer hue that will literally blow your mind—how does it know? You’re not someone who believes in horoscopes or fate or whatever, but like, wow, these nail colors are freaking you out right now because they are so accurate. We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite fall shades, ones that will complete your autumn look and leave you with the slightest hint of suspicion that they know more than they’re letting on. Scary, right? Leave your skepticism at the door, cuz it’s about to get spooky:


  1. Essie in Good as Gold (CVS, $8.50)

A lovely gold shade such as this will really stand out against all those mason jars of apple cider you’ll be Instagramming yourself holding this fall and its name is truthful as all hell! Pair with a high-shine topcoat for the fleeting sense that your nail polish is capable of the kind of wisdom rarely seen in this spiritual realm. Holy eff, how scarily accurate is this??



  1. Chanel Le Vernis in Vamp (Bloomingdale’s, $27)

This color, reminiscent of a mug of hot, spiced wine after an afternoon at the pumpkin patch, is a wonderful way to warm up any look, no matter how skeptical the wearer may be. This brand’s long-lasting wear will resist chips for 2-3 days—this polish seems to know that it does not obey the rules of this mortal realm. We have chills!! Pair with a matte topcoat.


  1. Zoya in Hunter (Amazon, $9)

Although fall colors used to be restricted to shades of red, orange, and yellow, an array of jewel tones are bucking the trend, like this hunter green that just so happens to be the exact shade of green that you love. We recommend avoiding glittery formulas and sticking with monotones or mattes, and reminding yourself that this color is only a coincidence. Ughhh!!! How does it know?!?!


  1. Wet and Wild Megalast in Keep Vinyl Alive (Rite Aid, $1.99)

Black may be a bit too harsh for the muted tones of your autumn wardrobe, but nothing is as harsh as realizing that the universe has our fate in its perfectly manicured hands. Fortunately, this shimmery, charcoal gray can add some depth to your color palette without making it downright gothy, which you might be leaning toward anyway because holy shit, who knew this woo-woo stuff was real? Go light a million candles and say a spell—this nail polish has rendered us speechless.


  1. China Glaze in Call of the Wild (Ulta, $7.50)

Our grandmothers would blanch at the thought of wearing a drab, dirty color like brown on their nails, and even moreso if they knew just how accurate this particular shade is. And thanks to this shade’s wonderful opacity, just one coat is enough to fill you with a deep sense of dread that it knows. It definitely knows. Jesus effing Christ this is freaky!!!



Which of these polishes is your fave so far? Do you have any other colors to recommend? Are you as freaked out as we are?