5 Rosewater Toners That Aren’t Miracle Workers, You Need To Wash Your Makeup Off Before Bed

Rosewater toners are the perfect addition to your skincare routine for evening your skin tone and tightening your pores. But just because they help clear your skin doesn’t mean you can fall asleep with a full face of makeup on. Toners are great, but they’re not a fairy godmother granting you perfect skin. Here are five rosewater toners that aren’t miracle workers, because you really need to wash your makeup off before bed.


Facial Spray (Mario Badescu, $12)

This refreshing face spray will moisturize, soothe and calm your skin. You can use it to set makeup before going out, or as a refreshing mist to get you through a long day at work. But if you think you can just spritz this on right before bed and forgo taking off your makeup, you’re in for a horrible skin surprise! Not to sound stern, but these toners aren’t magic, so get back up out of bed and pump that facewash into your palm.


Ultra Facial Toner (Kiehl’s, $8)

If you’re looking for a deeply hydrating toner, this non-astringent, milky product is for you. It will remove any debris from your long day at the office. But if you think for one minute that you can get away with using this toner and nothing else, you’re stupid!! This toner isn’t witchcraft, and this is us being honest with you: you have to clean your face like everyone else, you know.


Rose Petal Witch Hazel Toner (Thayer’s, $10.95)

For ladies with sensitive skin, this toner is for you. The all-natural recipe consists of rose petal water, witch hazel extract, aloe vera and vitamin E for youthful looking skin. But you’re not that young, and toner can’t turn back time. So wash your damn face before bed like an adult, because, frankly, toner isn’t going to undo all the eyeshadow and cigarette residue caked onto you all nights.



Rosewater & Glycerin Toner (Burt’s Bees, $8.99)

This toner combines rosewater and glycerin leaving you as fresh as a baby. But you’re not a baby, okay, and you wore a ton of bronzer today so you need to use a makeup wipe, cleanse your face, then use this toner before moisturizing. Grow up.


Rose Floral Toner (Fresh, $40)

Just because this toner is $40 does not mean this is the sole product you can use on your face tonight. Rosewater isn’t a miracle worker, so wipe off your makeup and get it together, bitch.


Here are five rosewater toners that aren’t going to fix your life, so wipe off your damn makeup before bed. Hopefully, with these products, you’ll finally understand how to take care of your goddamn skin.