4 Products That Work As Dry Shampoo If You’re Too Lazy to Shower and Too Lazy to Buy More Dry Shampoo

If you’re trying to wash your hair less and save time, dry shampoo is a great beauty hack. But if you’ve run out of dry shampoo, and you can’t even be bothered to stock up on that one thing, here are some alternative solutions you can find at the drug store that might still make it look like you’ve had a shower lately!


Baby Powder

Dry shampoo is absorbent powder and so is this ­– so put it in your hair and see what happens! This’ll be good enough to sop up some of your scalp oil. Don’t worry; everyone already knows you’re phoning it in, anyway.


Baking Soda

Don’t have baby powder? Baking soda is a powder that most people keep in their kitchen that might just do the trick! Though this works best mixed with cornstarch, and also you might not be “most people.” If you don’t have even this on hand, move along to the next option.



Medicated Foot Powder

You seem like someone who might have a foot fungus problem. But do you have the powder to treat it? That’s anyone’s guess. If you do, sprinkle that shit in your hair before you drag your dirty head out the door. At least it’ll be something.



Ever heard of it? No? Okay, just look through your cupboards and try to find something, anything, that is in powder form. Not the chili powder – that shit’ll sweat into your eyes and sting like hell. In the amount of time you’ve been scouring your home and digging under dirty piles of laundry, maybe you could’ve just taken an actual shower and washed your hair? And you’re still gonna need baking soda for this.


Dry shampoo is a game changer when it comes to not having to wash and dry your hair every day. But if even that is too much effort for you, see if you can pull off one of these other substitutions. Good luck, you lazy bitch!