4 Moisturizing Sheet Masks to Put on Your Dry Vagina

Sheet masks are all the rage these days when it comes to keeping your face moisturized. But why should hydration only be applied to your face? That dry, dry puss of yours deserves some pampering, too! Try these four moisturizing sheet masks on your other face – the arid desert that is your vagina!


Ponds Hydrate + Glow Sheet Mask (Ponds, $3)

This hydrating mask with papaya extract is meant to be applied to your face for an extra dewy glow. But let’s be honest, your puss is the one that could use some moisture and radiance. Apply this bad boy before sexy time and your crusty, ol’ vag will be a slick slip n’ slide in no time. No one wants to kiss dry labial lips!


Magic Facial DRY Sheet Face Mask (Charlotte Tilbury, $22)

This revolutionary mask reduces wrinkles and moisturizes your skin. But why let your face have all the fun? Skip the foreplay and go straight to soaking your dried out lady flower with this chic sheet mask. After just 15 minutes of lying perfectly still with this mask in the shape of a face atop your gine, you’ll see magical results. Splish, splash, his dick will be taking a bath…in your newly dampened puss!


Beauty Planner Cucumber Sheet Mask Set (Manefit, $10)

This sheet mask has cucumber extracts and antioxidants for extra nourishment and hydration. It’s technically meant for your face, but why not drop it on that desiccated poonani of yours when his clumsy little fingers just aren’t doing the trick? After letting this hang on your puss-puss for 20 minutes, you’ll go from dry as the Sahara to fresh as a cucumber!



Garnier SkinActive Moisture Bomb Sheet Mask (Ulta Beauty, $3.99)

He can’t make it juicy for you, but this sheet mask sure can! Drop a moisture bomb on your shriveled up lil’ puss with this affordable skin product meant for your face. This mask promises a soothing burst of hydration for that dusty, barren, landlocked vageen of yours. Let’s hope he brought his scuba diving gear, because the floodgates are about to open! Get it, honey!


Leave your dry-ass puss days behind and never look back. Dive on into the world of a puss made wet by a beauty product made for your face. Surf that wave straight into dripping-wet puss, USA. Haha, yes, gurl, werk!!!