13 Brands That Said Black Lives Matter, But Babe We’re Gonna Need Those Donation Receipts, Too

We’ve seen an overwhelming surge of online posts from previously-silent allies and brands in solidarity with Black Lives Matter, a movement that started 7 years ago. Brand Managers have never busted ass so quickly to craft inclusive, well-meaning texts and graphics to hop onto the bandwagon before it leaves them. But sis, we know these brands saved up extra coin from all that capitalizing off underpaid efforts of Black employees for decades. Here are some companies we’re going to need receipts from because we’re keeping our receipts on them:



Nike took on Colin Kaepernick as the face of an Emmy-winning campaign, but we have yet to see them commit to continuing their support for Kaepernick, let alone any proof that this $34.8 billion company emptied out their purse for any Black funds. Just do[nate] it, Nike!




Almost everyone in yt America has a Dove product in their home. If you don’t recognize their products, maybe you remember their Facebook Ad from 2017? The 3-second GIF that showed a black woman lifting up her brown shirt and magically turning into a white woman with a white shirt? Yes, that Dove! We’re going to need some receipts from that Dove!



The streaming service notorious for hemorrhaging money in content shared their “duty to our Black members, employees, creators and talent”. They’re not spending as much of that money after cowardly failing to announce they’re not renewing their all-black sketch comedy series, Astronomy Club: The Sketch Show. We know they’ve got some spare cash now that they put some of the most talented young Black creatives out of jobs. Pay up, Netflix!



Global Partnerships VP Charles Porch made a post on Instagram, a platform notorious for ignoring black creators who want as much exposure as non-black creators, stating Facebook pledged $10 million in donations…. to where, babe? 10 million USD is pennies in Facebook money. Drop the donation receipts, FB!



The online marketplace said they would donate $10 million. You might be familiar with Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, the man we all helped get on track to become the first trillionaire by 2026. We know Jeff is sitting on more money and would stan some donation confirmation screenshots!



That app your mom uses to alert the neighbors “just in case” because she’s suspicious about the Black family living two houses down from you? If Nancy followed them on social media, she probably saw their solidary post too. Yeah, they need Nextdoor to fork up some charity cash too.



Chances are you’ve used this ride-hailing app that historically promoted racial discrimination on a global scale. You might have forgotten after they spent $500 million on an apology campaign to fix their reputation. Fortunately, they’ve claimed to spend 1/500th of that guilt money on 2 orgs, but we’ll believe it when we see it! Which should be right about now!



The gay dating and social-networking app that just lifted its racist matching preference option announced it will no longer be silent or inactive! Yay! Congrats! Now cough up!



We’ve all seen the sexist ad by Peloton, a company that is still afloat because most rich people are working out indoors now. They appear to say Black Lives Matter, but how many more $2,000 stationary bikes until movements fighting racial injustice see a penny from them?



This mess of a social news site that allows white men to freely spew racist content is valued at $3 billion, but we would love to see even one of those dollars put to where Reddit’s mouth is!



L’Oréal decided it was “worth it” to “speak out” on Instagram after gaslighting and dropping Black Trans model and ambassador Munroe Bergdorf who spoke out against racism and white supremacy years ago during the Charlottesville rally! Go off, L’Oréal! Let’s see some evidence!



The NFL has been pulling some public stunts for years now. Washington RedSkins, we see you with your #blackouttuesday from Tuesday afternoon even after everyone declared the botched silencing campaign was botched! We would love to see this capitalistic-forward org show proof of coin so your dad can go back to peacefully ignoring peaceful protests



We’re looking at you too, Peppa Pig! But seriously, fuck this cat. We know he’s not on the streets! Give us the receipts!


The list goes on, but there are enough Brand Managers with liberal arts degrees to be past the point of awareness. We see individual people “matching” donations and these companies can’t? Don’t they exist in competitive markets? Isn’t there some tax write-off for these donations? We invite any of these brands to post their receipt screenshots and show the contributions are recurring! We know they have the cash flow!