What is the Coil Comedy Bundle?

Coil Comedy is a collective of sites (Reductress, The Hard Times, and many more), where for a $5 subscription, you can get an ad-free experience on desktop and exclusive content while supporting these publications directly. That $5 always goes to us. No matter how much you browse, you only pay $5 a month.


What kind of exclusive content?

Each site under Coil Comedy will do their own thing. But if you sign up, we’re starting with one new exclusive piece a week. Soon, we’ll be rolling out an exclusive link to our Private Instagram meme page, exclusive podcast episodes, and lots of other awesome stuff. With your subscription, you’re getting in on the ground floor to support us doing that.


What if I want to support Reductress only?

Hey dude, we’re here to support everyone in Coil Comedy. You can sign up through our reference link so we’ll get a little bonus, but every minute you spend on our partner sites will send micro-payments to them while you’re on it.


Is my browsing being tracked by Coil?

No tracking. Your privacy is our top priority. No cookies, no email subscription follow-ups. We have no idea who you are, but we love you for subscribing.


Does Coil work on all browsers?

Coil is working hard to roll out their extension across every browser. Coil is currently supported on:


  • Chrome
  • Firefox

On Android Mobile:

  • Chrome
  • Puma Browser 

On iOS Mobile:

  • Puma Browser 


Ew, I have more questions! 

Email us at info at reductress dot com.