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The Members Only section is a special place for our subscribers where our editors curate our 8+ years’ worth of content in special sections (yes, you can see all our #cat content in one place, if we so choose), vote and rank our best content in each section, get access to exclusive content and podcast episodes, all just for our members. With a Coil subscription, you also get an ad-free experience on Reductress on supported browsers.


To access the Members Only section,

1. Sign up for Coil
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3. Login! You’re a member now.


Just remember to register on Chrome, Firefox, or Puma browsers (that’s how we verify your Coil membership) and then you can login on any browser you like.


What is Coil, and why do we fux with it?
Coil is a web-monetization technology that’s taking the world beyond the ad-based revenue model.

With your Coil membership, you can easily support not only Reductress, but all kind of Coil-enabled sites via micropayments when you visit.

Of course, you’re covered on Reductress with your monthly subscription, but your support also helps expand the web monetization community and move us away from all those annoying pop-ups. Yep, we hated them just as much as you did.