Wow: A Pregnancy Test for Women Who Piss Like a Geyser

Pregnancy Test - Reductress

Not all women’s bodies can urinate in a uniform, gentle stream, which makes at-home pregnancy tests a challenge. That’s why OBGYN Tiffany Park developed an ergonomic and realistic design for women who spray urine to the four winds. Small bladders of the world, rejoice: There is finally a pregnancy test for women who piss like they’ve been holding it in for an eight-hour car ride, every single time: The Wide Response wand.


“I found that pregnancy test sticks were too tiny for my forceful, gravity defying stream. Time and again, I’d end up covered in urine from my elbow to my fingertips. There had to be a better way,” says Dr. Park from her Chicago office. “That’s why I invented Wide Response.”


Park partnered with researchers at AIM Diagnostics to design a pregnancy test that could accommodate even the most muscular urethras. But it wasn’t long before they encountered their first challenge.



“Home pregnancy tests are supposed to be taken first thing in the morning, which just happens to coincide with your most vigorous flow. Add to that the pressure of placing the stick mid-stream, and it’s a recipe for disaster—like trying to aim a fire hose at a needle,” says one researcher. “No one wants to contemplate the enormity of impending motherhood while peeing on their own hand.”


Researchers tried developing a flexible cup that women could aim into instead of the traditional stick model, but that only lead to severe backsplash. Says one user, “It was degrading. This is supposed to be an exciting moment in my life, not a reminder that I have a bladder like Old Faithful.” She adds, “My husband and I were ready to just get a dog instead. At least then, the pee I’m cleaning up wouldn’t be my own.”


Park looked to lacrosse sticks and actual brooms for inspiration before ultimately landing on her groundbreaking model: a multi-pronged test stick with state-of-the-art features. “This is an important time in a woman’s life, and we shouldn’t be adding stress and humiliation. That’s why I created a tarp and bucket to go with the test, and a shatter-proof test window to withstand even the most violent streams.”


With Wide Response, the multi-pronged stick makes it easier to catch urine from all directions, and users can place the tarp and bucket to catch extra spray.



According to expectant mother Rachel Smith, “I appreciated the extra features since I pee like I’m releasing a biblical storm. And thanks to the tarp, I didn’t have to clean up as much. What a relief!”


“It feels good to know I’m making a difference,” says Dr. Park. “I don’t want women to have to ruin any more pants. They shouldn’t have to take their pregnancy test in a shower just because their pee is like a whitewater rapid.”


Park expects to launch her new pregnancy test in six months. Until then, she’ll be working on how to make her pregnancy tarp and bucket all fit in one convenient box.