Women Compete in Fantasy Herb Gardening Leagues

Summer is in full swing, and that means it’s time for the 15th Annual Herb Draft for the Northeast Division fantasy herb gardening league. Which plants outgrew their draft expectations, and which ones wilted under the scrutiny? One can pore over the herb rankings and projections, but they’ve also got to hope for easy matchups and playing the herbs right. Here are some of this year’s top picks from Round 1 of Westchester’s Porch Division:


Pick #1: Marjoram

“Marjoram’s been struggling the past couple seasons, but I really think this is her year,” says Emma Smith of the Dill-igent Dames. This is a surprising reach, since marjoram has a serious issue with overwatering. One hard rain-shower and this player’s performance will nosedive. Despite past injuries, Marjoram has been a well-respected player, and has been the key to many a great meat dish. Marjoram drafters are just gonna have to hope for a heat streak.


Pick #2: Borage

Bunny McPherson of the team “Cumin! We’re Open” earned envious looks from fellow fantasy leaguers with her selection of borage, a hot newcomer who had a stellar year at the local nursery. Borage is a versatile and easy-to-grow player with plenty of upsides. The best thing about borage is that its flowers, stems, and leaves are all edible. If you’ve got an early pick, this is an herb you definitely want in your soil. Could this be the year borage finally breaks out? Only time will tell.


Pick #3: Basil

For third pick of the starting line-up we are looking to Jenna Daniels of “Rosemary’s Babies”. This gal took it all home last year with her ballsy selection of catnip. Her third pick is just as bold with Basil. Basil has suffered some handicaps in the past with sensitivity to frost. However, its ubiquitous culinary use projects it as a well-rounded point scorer. We’re yet to discover whether Basil will outgrow its troubled past.



Pick #4: Lemongrass

In a shocking turn, Tiffany Fitzgerald of “Tarra-Gon With the Wind” went with lemongrass for fourth pick. There is virtually no scouting report for lemongrass as it has only been seen prepared at the nicer takeout place, never grown in a pot on anyone’s stoop. What is known is that initial statements say its game could translate well to the rough-and-tumble style of Westchester. Lemongrass’ strong citrus flavor may prove too dominant for Tiffany’s other patch picks. Experts say lemongrass could fall anywhere between breakout star Thai basil or bad boy kudzu.


Pick #5: Cilantro

Rounding out the final pick of the first round, Molly Kingston of “Anise to Meet You” snagged cilantro as her first-round pick. She looks to score points early with cilantro’s fast growth, but as the season moves on, cilantro’s performance is likely to diminish, not to mention many people’s genetic distaste for the herb. Right now the outlook is sunny, but the question Molly should be asking herself is: Can cilantro take the end-of-season heat?


Notable Omissions: Stunningly, Lavender was left on the board undrafted and unloved in the first round. After years of service, has this scent-sational herb finally reached the end of its run?


It’s become an annual tradition in Westchester that Parsley is the final pick of the draft. It is then immediately dropped from the boards…because no one likes parsley.


Stay posted all fantasy season long!