Womanalyze His Mansplaining: A Femonstration


Every vibrant modern woman is familiar with the phenomenon of “mansplanation.” Mansplaining is when men over-XXplain things to women, regardless of whether they are more knowledgeable of the subject or not. It could be called condehersion, but the term mansplaining is more accurate. Don’t let his lack of herspective get you down. Shutting down his bropinions will have you feeling less teste. Here’s some helpful hernts for dealing with mansplainers:
For sexample, when you find yourself faced with some Y-chromobone trying to weigh in on your love life, point out to him the double-mandards that women have to put up with on a daily basis. If a guy wants to get a drink at the bar alone, it’s simple he-laxation. If a woman wants to get a drink at the bar alone, suddenly she’s ho-pen for busipenis.

Sometimes it’s more dif-femme-cult when the mansplainer is in your shemmediate family. Pull him aside and appeal to his emantions. He’s stuffed these deep down in his mancave so it’ll take time to shesuscitate him. He’ll think he’s being logical and hesonable but you’ll see right through his lad attidude.
Lastly, to avoid mansplaining at the bro-ffice, just escalady it to an H-E-R person. She’ll provide womanful herection and ease the flow of wominformation. It is a labiaor of love, but gal-lantly battling a mansplainer can leave you feeling fempowered. You won’t shegret it.
Use these tips to say goodguy to hisogyny whorever!