Woman YOLOs Herself into Homeless Shelter

Michelle Frankle, a 31-year-old administrative assistant from Boise, Idaho, is currently residing at the local homeless shelter after overusing the term YOLO to justify her irresponsible life choices.
“I should have never burned her that Drake CD,” says longtime friend Beth Campbell. “She said she wanted some fun, positive music, but had I known things would escalate like this, I would have just gone with Robin Thicke.”
Michelle’s out-of-control YOLO behavior began when she flat-out refused to return her neighbor’s Battlestar Galactica DVDs in a timely fashion. She explains that, “He didn’t give me nearly enough time to watch all 75 episodes, let alone pick up all the character nuances, so I was like fuck this shit, YOLO! I’m keeping them for another motherfucking month at least.”
Things took a turn for the YOLO when Beth and Michelle took one of their weekly trips to T.G.I Friday’s, in May. “We usually split an appetizer and get one of the happy hour drinks together, but this time Michelle told me she ‘wanted her own motherfucking appetizer because YOLO’”, says Beth. “She ordered a drink that wasn’t even on the happy hour menu. That’s when I knew she was really going off the rails.”

But Michelle’s YOLO cry for help occurred on a trip to Costco, when Frankle, in a slew of YOLO-fueled purchases, maxed out her credit card, spending $2,967.53. “Haters were saying I shouldn’t be spending money when my rent is due but there was a sale on peanut butter filled pretzels and Franzia and you can never have enough paper products in bulk and also YOLO!!!”
Frankle’s lavish shopping spree left her short on her rent and her landlord, already frustrated by her loud music and habit of leaving her trash in the hall because YOLO, was not sympathetic.
Frankle’s eviction and new life in a homeless shelter has done little to damper her YOLO spirit.  “People don’t understand my decision to embrace this life style, but YOLO to that! No regrets!”