Woman Unable to Conceal Tampon in Transit from Cubicle to Bathroom

Woman Conceals Tampon

On her second menstrual cycle as an employee at the offices of Kauffman and Dofter, Jessica Feinward was unable to find a way to successfully conceal her tampon in transport from her cubicle to the bathroom.
“I obviously don’t have pockets, because I’m wearing women’s business attire. Do I just stuff it up my sleeve?” said a Feinward. “These blazers are so tight!”
Due to Feinward’s cubicle location, her route to the bathroom forces her to pass through the Sales Department, primarily staffed with men. The previous month, one of them asked if why she was carrying a purse, and if they could come with her to lunch. When she told them she was going to the bathroom, they demanded more information.

“Despite the fact that I’ve been shedding the lining of my uterus for the past decade, there’s no way admit to putting in a tampon in front of the guys.”
Feinward has attempted to observe her female coworkers over the past two months to see how they handle the situation, but has come up with no new insights. When she asked two women in the office kitchen how they manage theirs, they stared at Feinward blankly and went about their business.
At time of press, Feinward was also stressing out about where to put her hair tie when not in use: “Are there secret pockets that I don’t know about?”