Woman Treats Herself to Premium Gasoline

In keeping with her New Years Resolution to focus on self-care, 37-year-old Cheryl Holmes treated her Subaru Outback to a full tank of premium gasoline before her Wednesday morning commute.


“I never had the confidence to just go for it,” says Holmes. “But this morning, something just made me decide, ‘Hey, I’m worth it.”


While the Outback does not require premium gasoline for top performance, Holmes notes, “I spend all day helping other people, and it felt nice to do something just for me and my car.”


“Like wearing sexy lingerie or a nice perfume, I think it’s more about how it makes you feel inside,” she adds. “I felt like a more strong, capable woman with a tank full of premium”.



“Cheryl comes in every other day or so to fill up, but it was nice to see that extra spring in her step that the top-shelf gasoline can give someone,” says one Citgo clerk. “She deserves it.”


Holmes adds: “This won’t be an everyday thing, but it’s nice to have a little treat once in a while. Plus I won’t be tempted to get an after-work froyo.”


Holmes also considered purchasing a car wash, but quickly decided against it. “One treat a day is enough. Who am I, the Queen of Sheba?”