Woman Seizes the Day; Leaves Baby in Car for 14 Hours

woman seizes day

Upon leaving her job as office manager at the Target Corporation this Friday, Jennifer Kearns seized the day and threw caution to the wind, taking chances and facing her fears while leaving her two-year-old son in the back of her car for over 14 hours.
During her “a-ha” moment, Kearns treated herself to a mini-spa treatment with a free hand massage, after which she “let it all go” and ordered a glass of wine with her lunch at a neighboring restaurant.
Realizing she had “nothing to lose, and everything to gain,” she walked over to a nearby Barnes and Noble and curled up with a new novel that “really opened her eyes up to race relations in America.”

On her way back to her vehicle, she happened upon a new art gallery that had opened that day. Seeing it as a sign that “when God closes a door, He opens a window,” she signed up on the spot for their Introduction to Painting class and painted an oil-on-canvas beach landscape, finally seeing beauty in the little things, “like a grain of sand or a seashell.”
Passersby began to hear a wailing coming from Kearns’ vehicle and called the police to take further action. As her son was deemed healthy after examination, Kearns is alleged to believe “it was all worth it.”