Woman Initiates Divorce With Epic Flash Mob

After a difficult two years of marriage, Cheryl Johnson served her divorce papers in an elaborate stunt.


“Dale and I went walking through our favorite park, and he kept talking about how he was really going to do PX90 one day,” Cheryl recalled. “And that’s when I knew I had made the right decision.” It was then that Beyoncé’s “Irreplaceable” played from speakers playing hidden nearby, and Cheryl began a simple box step that looked all the more impressive when she was suddenly joined by hundreds of her family and friends.


“I was really shocked,” said Dale. “All of her bridesmaids from the wedding were dancing…so was my co-worker Chad and his partner Lars. They seemed really into it.”


Dale admitted to being confused and amused at first, but what was happening slowly dawned on him when he saw everything he owned in a box to his left.


A crowd gathered as even more of Cheryl and Dale’s (but mostly Cheryl’s) friends and family transitioned smoothly into a raucous dance to Kelly Clarkson’s “Since U Been Gone”, which Cheryl admitted later might have been “a little too soon.” Divorce litigators appeared in the final chorus to present Cheryl and Dale with the necessary paperwork. Witnesses reported that the cheers of Cheryl’s family sufficiently drowned out the sobs of her former husband as they signed the notarized documents.



The Youtube video currently has 1.2 million views, and has been shared on Huffington Post Family as well as Huffington Post Divorce.


“I know it’s a sad occasion, but I was really pumped to be part of this day,” said Melissa Taylor, a friend of the couple. “A wedding is a big spectacle, but people kind of forget about when the marriage goes south. I only hope my divorce is this much fun!”