Woman Holds Tinder Swipe in Limbo for Record-Breaking Six Hours

Veteran Tinder user Jessica Traub had the tech world at a standstill as she held the profile of a local man named Jake in limbo between “Nope” and the resting screen for a record-breaking six hours. “Initially, I started to swipe left,” says Traub, icing her hand, “but then, as I was almost ready to pull the trigger, I thought maybe he might be sort of cute.”


“I once swiped left on this guy because it was a group photo, and I wasn’t sure which one he was. But as soon as I swiped, I realized: They all were cute. I am still kicking myself for that.”


As each hour passed in limbo, Traub became increasingly uneasy: “I was worried about missing out a cute guy, but then I thought about what if he was a creep? I just couldn’t get a read on the situation, and I was scared that I would do something that I couldn’t take back.”


Two hours in, with one hand on her laptop, and one thumb on her phone, Traub emailed her friends to come over for moral support.



“We’ve never seen her like this before,” says close friend, Mara. “We’ve all got Tinder regrets, but that’s what you sign up for when you make an account. You just have to move on and hope you do better the next day.”


After hours of careful counseling, Traub slowly and methodically swiped right with her aching thumb. “We decided his tallness canceled out his waxed eyebrows.”


While it was not an instant match, Traub is confident that she will receive a match alert from him soon. Jake has been contacted for a comment, but it appears he has not logged on in over seven days.