Woman Dumped Via Text Message, Goes About Day Unfazed

Patricia Kadic woke up Saturday morning to a text message from the man she had been dating for three months, abruptly ending their relationship. Kadic then shocked her roommates by casually reading the message to them over breakfast, then immediately departing to begin her usual Saturday activities.
At approximately 10:00am, Kadic took her “Little Sister,” via the Big Brothers Big Sisters Program, to the local street festival. After that, she met up with her coed volleyball team for an afternoon tournament in the park.
Preparing for the worst, friends and roommates were confused over Kadic’s lack of response to the SMS dumping. “We were totally ready to take her out and get her wasted,” lamented longtime roommate Ashley Hensel. “Or stay in eating ice cream, watch Felicity, criticize an entire subset of men…whatever she wanted.”

Instead, Kadic shockingly declined Hensel’s suggestion of “girl time” and that very evening chose to attend an engagement party to which she had previously RSVP’ed.
Three weeks have now passed since the text message was received, and Kadic has yet to exhibit even the mildest signs of depression or regret. Hensel insists it is “only a matter of time.”