Woman Disappointed to Find She Was ‘Catfished’ by Jonah Hill

Jonah Hill

For the past two years, 26-year-old Eva Stadler thought she was in a perfectly normal, happy, and healthy online relationship with Jason Grant, a Senior Designer at Google. But last week, Eva received the shock of a lifetime: “Jason” disappointingly revealed himself as comedian, actor, and writer Jonah Hill.
“I thought we never met up because he was so busy with coding or whatever, but it was because he wasn’t the cool, charming guy I thought he was. What am I supposed to tell my friends – that I was actually dating Academy Award nominee Jonah Hill the whole time? It’s so embarrassing!”

When asked if she would consider dating Hill, Stadler responded, “Sure he’s rich and famous, but Jonah Hill? Come on.”
“Because of him, I don’t know if I can ever trust the men I have online relationships with again.”
Jonah Hill’s reps declined to comment on the incident, asking only that, “everyone respect his privacy during this difficult time.”