Whoa: Why This Wedding Planner Insists on Having Tables for Your Special Day

From venues to food to non-tacky attire, managing all the details of your wedding day can be overwhelming. To cut down on stress, celebrity wedding planner Evie Karston recommends splurging a little on a luxury the stars demand for their nuptials: tables! That’s right, those flat-topped leg-bottomed things for eating off of. “This is something I always suggest, even for my non-celebrity clients,” says Karston. “Even if it does raise a few eyebrows with the more conservative relatives, none of my clients have ever regretted taking my advice.”


Karston told us how she took her avant-garde aesthetic from high-end weddings in Napa to regular weddings in less-nice places in Napa. “Some brides I work with assume tables will come off as superfluous or tacky,” she explains, “but tables actually provide a great advantage because they’re something guests can rest their plates, glasses, and flatware on. Heck, some guests even put their purses on them! I don’t judge.”



While most of us think of tables as humdrum and everyday, Karston says that guests are almost always happy to see tables, even at the fanciest of weddings. “Setting out pieces of furniture around which your guests can sit really makes a memorable impression—everyone will be impressed.”


Although no decorative choice is right for everyone, Karston says even at a cocktail-style reception, it’s good to include at least some high-top tables for guests to set their drinks down on. “Plus, I can make it extra special by designing a centerpiece for each table to make the centers of each table really pop!”



While most picture contemporary models when they think of tables, the tradition is far from a new one, and is imbued with significance. “Having tables at your wedding is a powerful symbol of togetherness because they allow people to eat while facing each other,” explains Karston. “I even have one in my house!”


If you are absolutely set against tables, Karston recommends finding an alternative that will at least perform some of the functions of a table, such as a broad sideboard. Whatever you choose, Karston says the most important thing is that you make a furniture choice that reflects your taste.


“When you make your decision, take some time to think about what it says about your personality. I generally find that even with doubters, when they look into their heart of hearts, they find tables is the right choice for who they are.” She adds, “I love what I do and I love tables.”