Which Bedroom Maneuvers Display Your Crippling Self-doubt?

self doubt

You’re about to hook up with your man. You’re wearing your new lace negligee and should be feeling super sexy. But sometimes you aren’t. Here’s a list of tips on how to disguise your self-consciousness so it doesn’t ruin his experience.

Furrowing Your Brow: Don’t!

Is it clear from the look on your face that you’re nervous about your tummy flub? Relax those muscles and raise those eyebrows playfully. He’ll never notice how much you’re thinking about that disgusting ocean of cellulite.

Taking your bra off quickly to distract him from your thighs. NO!!

Un-clasping that lacy push-up because you’re truly proud of your breasts is one thing—doing it in a desperate attempt to distract him from your lesser goods is another. Remember, he can smell your fear. If your boobs are your strongest assets, create a diversion by hesitating to remove your bra. He’ll be sure to head in that direction.

Wearing sexy lingerie. DON’T!

Think it’s going to look as good on you as it did on the Victoria’s Secret model he jerked off to the other day? It won’t. You’ll see it in his eyes and he’ll see you seeing that reflected back at him. Don’t let him know that you know he’s not pleased. Instead, wear something blah for him, but especially for you. Your “whatever” vibe will be way easier to tolerate than your crippling self-doubt.

Freshening up. DO NOT!

Taking a shower, brushing your teeth, putting on makeup—these are the actions of a desperate girl and he can see that. You’re confident in your natural state. Skip the cleanup!


Handjobs/Blowjobs/Any Jobs. DON’T DO IT!!

You want to please your man but you’re self-conscious about your ability to pull off certain moves? Then skip these forms of foreplay. In fact, skip all forms of play. Lie on your back and let him do the work, and as a result, experience all the insecurities.