VH1 Takes A Look Back at Internet Memes and Where They Are Now


VH1 announced today the launch of their new series, Remember Me(me)? – a look back on the breakout internet memes from last week and where that stardom has led them today. Producers describe the show as “a Where Are They Now? for Internet one-meme wonders.”
Each episode features an in-depth look on three of last week’ biggest meme-stars and focuses on a specific genre of meme. They discuss the heights of their fame, and what they’ve been up to ever since.

The series premiere, which airs April 6 at 9pm EST, launches with interviews from some of the most influential memes in history to date, including YouTube superstar Randall the Honey Badger, known for for coining the expression, “Honey badger don’t care.” Randall will discuss the challenges of creating a sophomore meme amidst intense public scrutiny, and how the choice to dub his voice “revolutionized an entire genre of animal videos.”
The full roster of Internet celebrities have yet to be announced, but VH1 has confirmed Maggie “Ermagerd” Connelly, Sneezing panda Tai Shan, and Paul Vasquez (of “Double Rainbow” fame).