True Story: The Syrian Conflict Ruined My Honeymoon

I Lived it:

Every woman in the world spends her youth dreaming of the perfect, exotic honeymoon destination. Ever since I was a child, I had my heart set on the beautiful country of Syria. Not only are the sunsets GORGE, but also it’s not one of those lame, typical destinations where all my friends are honeymooning, like Aruba or New Zealand. There’s a beautiful Four Seasons in Damascus, complete with a spa and loads of amenities you just can’t find in boring old Western Europe. The trip of my dreams was set — or so I thought.
Enter my father-in-law and the Unites States government, who both seem to exist entirely to ruin my life. Just as we’re about to book our dreamymoon, the FIL tells us there’s some sort of “civil war” going on in Syria, which makes it not the best travel spot because of all of the “human-rights atrocities.” Apparently there are 200,000 people in some kind of “refugee camp” over in Jordan. Can you believe that? Of ALL the times Syria decides to start systematically killing its own people, it has to be on MY honeymoon? While we’re on the subject of human-rights violations, may I add that this is same man who chose to hold our rehearsal dinner at a restaurant with not a SINGLE gluten-free option!

Anyway, my FIL completely ignored my points about the really cool Mosques in Syria and how amazing it would be to climb Mount Qassioun, since I’ve gotten really into mountains and views lately. Instead he couldn’t stop talking about “chemical weapons” and “corpses of children lining the street” or whatever. I’m sorry, but I just can’t walk away from a resort with L’Occitane bath amenities and rustic Middle Eastern feel that easily.
At the end of the day, my douchebag father-in-law won out, due to some pretty annoying travel security advisories. My childhood dreams were crushed by some stupid war. You know, if both sides could have reconciled their petty differences and given peace a chance, I would have had the honeymoon of my dreams. But instead, I had to go with my backup.
I may never climb Mount Qassioun or enjoy the ancient city of Damascus. But make sure to follow me on Instagram to see some super cute pics of my back-up honeymoon destination, Myanmar!