TRAUMA-RAMA: Female Soldier’s Most EMBARRASSING Moments in Combat!

An embarrassing moment in front of your crush is stressful enough – but when it happens in the midst of full-scale military combat, it can turn into a total TRAUMA! Some lady soldiers in the U.S. Military share some of their most EMBARRASSING moments here:

Pop-Up Period:

I was in the Karakum Desert, reloading the chamber of my M110 sniper rifle. I had just blown out the knees of an Afghani civilian; as I saw his deadened eyes roll into the back of his head, I looked down and my period was leaking RIGHT through my camo pants – I’m pretty sure he saw it. I was mortified!
– Melanie D.
Lieutenant Colonel, United States Armed Forces

Puddle Plunder:

I wanted to impress my commanding officer in Tora Bora, so I led a charge into a group of Afghani soldiers at the base of the White Mountains. As we charged into the caves with our rifles blaring, I slipped in a puddle of quicksand and could NOT get out! My commanding officer had seen the whole thing, right before getting a bullet to the head from an insurgent! Yikes!
– Jenny J.
Operator, Delta Force

(Not So) Fly:

I was captured in a P.O.W. camp in Parvan. My camp leader was repeatedly beating me in an effort to get me to give up American military intelligence. One day, I managed to escape the base and rushed for the Eastern end of the camp. As I scaled the fence, I heard a surge of Afghani soldiers below me, and that’s when I realized – my fly had been down the whole time! The entire camp saw my lame military underwear! They tazed me, tied me up, and dragged me by my feet back to camp, and wouldn’t let me wear clothes for the next month – so awkward!
– Marcie P.
Staff Sergeant, United States Special Forces