Third Date Ideas That Say, ‘What Is This? What Are We Doing? I Don’t Care, I Just Want To Know.’

So you’ve been on two dates and they’ve gone really well! Still, you have absolutely no idea what the other person wants out of this relationship. Although a third date might be a little too early for the conversation, it also could be the time to ask all your pressing questions like, “What the fuck is happening right now? Is this good? What should I call you? Is this like a sex thing or a relationship thing? No pressure just curious.” Here are some third date ideas that say, “What is this? What are we doing? Honestly, I don’t care at all, I’m chill, I just kinda want to know, you know?”


A Walk in the Park

While a walk in the park may be easy in practice, figuring out what the hell is happening in this relationship is not the walk in the park you’d imagined it to be. Hanging out in a park is super romantic and everybody knows that. Your date might even offer to bring a picnic, which is something you honestly only do with the person you’re going to marry someday? So is that where this is headed? This date will surely have you asking, “Hey, so, not to be weird but, what’s up with you? What do you want this to be? I honestly don’t give a shit, but let me know if this is like… a thing.”


Meeting The Best Friend

Already meeting the best friend on the third date? Sounds like this person is super into you! Or not! Whatever! So head to drinks with Sylvie and learn all about this person who you are just starting to get to know. Afterwards, you’ll spend the night together and they’ll say absolutely nothing about what the date meant to them. Ultimately, you won’t be able to sleep so you’ll turn towards them and say, “Hey, wake up! Sorry, I don’t know what this is?? I literally have no preference, but clue me in.”



A Homemade Dinner

Wow, someone is cooking for you even though at one point they said they’re not sure if they’re ready for a real relationship. That’s confusing! Slurp up that fresh homemade pasta and eat that grilled chicken because after this is over and you’re cuddling on the couch you won’t be able to hold back from asking, “What do you want from me? Just like, let me know when you know, no rush, but I can’t relax really! Lol! I love you! What?”


If you’re on a third date that looks anything like these, you’ll be asking, “Dumb boi, listen up, what the fuck is going on here? I am simply curious, bitch!” And if you’re the kind of woman who can just relax and “see what happens”, you are a misogynist!