The Six Chillest Ways To Ask A Dude To Wear A Condom

So you’re in the heat of the moment with a new dude and you’re about to go all the way. You know you should wrap it up first, but don’t want your boy toy to think you’re a total buzzkill! Here are some tips on how to stay safe without seeming like an uptight prude.

1. Be Straightforward but Nonchalant

Insist on it, but make sure to finish your sentence with “like, if that’s cool with you or whatever” to give your demand a laid-back vibe.

2. Bring Up What a Bummer Pregnancy is

While listening to some trip-hop, casually mention that an unwanted pregnancy would totally harsh your mellow. Lame, right?

3. Tell Him You Don’t Want to Harsh Anyone’s Vibe with STDs

Toss Him a PBR, then kick back and tell him a crazy story about how your old roommate Jenna got chlamydia and it totally sucked balls. Lightly, raise your eyebrows for emphasis or whatever.

4. Get High and Speak Truths

In a puff of marijuana smoke, recite your favorite “no glove, no love” type saying. Laugh at your hilarious “bit” and then say, “but for real though.”

5. Be Totally Ironic About it

Tell him it’s for #TBT (Throwback Thursday): #highschool #healthclass #irony

6. Try a More Casual Condom

Say you dig experimenting, and would be way into trying lambskin. Although you won’t be protected against most infections, you probably won’t get pregnant and he’ll think you’re the cool adventurous type.
At the end of the day, nothing’s chiller than peace of mind. And if you do it right, chill safe sex can be rad as fuck!